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For more information on upcoming workshops contact:

Friends of Fred Smith Studio at Wisconsin Concrete Park, N8236 South Hwy 13, Phillips, WI

New workshops will be added soon with a line-up of quality instructors and art mediums throughout the summer and fall at the park. Stay tuned or call for more information!

Celebration of Arts in Action

September 24, 2016
Saturday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Painting Competition Judging starts at 4 p.m.
Wisconsin Concrete Park, N8236 South Hwy 13, one mile south of Phillips
Website: www.friendsoffredsmith.org
E-mail:  fofs@pctcnet.net

The park will be host to a Wandering Wisconsin Roadside Art Experience event as one of five special art environments hosting similar events statewide, each including an Outdoor Painting Competition. Attendees to the Concrete Park will be offered an array of instant opportunities to create art in four different mediums: painting on a life-size mural, glazing and firing raku pottery, decorating the park garage with mosaics, and painting open-air, postcard-sized landscapes. All open-air paintings completed at the park are eligible for entry into the competition for cash prizes. Judging starts at 4 p.m. and awards are given thereafter. All materials for each art opportunity will be provided. A quilt display, music, auction and great food make this a wonderful event for the entire family. Stop by on your way between the Phillips Harvest Fest and Ogema Christmas Tree Festival. For the location of other Roadside Art Experience sites, visit www.kohlerfoundation.org/grants/plein-air-painting-competition-wandering-wisconsin/.



Horse and rider from Henry Mocavts
and John Putro tableau
Farming with Oxen tableau

Farming with Horses tableau
#6 Chiann the Beer Drinker and Photographer.
Photo: Robert Amft,
circa 1950-64.
Farming With Oxen. Photo: Fred Scruton ©
Mr. Knox and Oxen. Photo: Fred Scruton ©



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